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What’s it Take to Become an Independent Film Producer?

film set
Producing Feature Films in Hollywood
Scott’s Feature Film in Development

What’s it take to become an independent film producer in Hollywood? Scott Einziger is an Emmy award winning producer of groundbreaking reality shows like, The Howard Stern Show, The Amazing Race and Big Brother. Now he’s set his sites on independent film, forming his own production company, Unguarded Content, and developing stories into film, scripted, and reality television based on real people and real stories. He tells us about his start in the business and what it takes to become an independent producer in Hollywood.

Click here for the transcript of the podcast – Hollywood Life – Becoming an Independent Film Producer / Scott

UPDATE: Scott’s film, This Is Happening has been completed! If you want to join the crowdfunding campaign to see this film in theaters and be a part of the magic (and get cool stuff!) go to Seed&Spark

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What’s It Take to Become a Reality TV Producer?

Deadliest Catch Bill Pruitt Producer

What’s it take to become a reality TV producer? Bill Pruitt, nominated three times by the Producers Guild of America as “Non-Fiction Producer of the Year” and Emmy award winning producer of shows The Amazing Race, The Apprentice and Deadliest Catch, talks about his creative journey to becoming a hit reality TV producer. He has produced television all around the world for CBS, NBC, MTV, National Geographic, History and Discovery – filming on nearly every continent on the planet. His adventures as a producer have included; following contestants racing around the world, candidates vying for a job working for Donald Trump, truckers in the High Himalayas, perpetrators of the Rwanda Genocide in France,Continue reading


What’s It Take to Become a Hollywood Writer?

writing hollywood screenplays

What’s it take to become a Hollywood writer? You often hear that everyone has a script in development in Hollywood, but how do you actually get from script to screen for real?  Joelle tells us what it’s like to be a writer in Hollywood and how she went from dream to reality.


Click here for a transcript of the podcast – Hollywood Life – Becoming a Writer / Joelle

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