Hopes, Dreams & Reality – Where Will They Take You?

Halong Bay Vietnam

What are your hopes and dreams? Do you often find reality crashing those hopes and dreams? I think many of us often wonder as we live our lives – what exactly is the distinction between hopes, dreams and reality – but finally – does it really matter? Each word comes loaded with its own heavy meaning depending on your reality. Hope might be the most ethereal, rising or falling depending on the day. Dreams are stronger. They’re the things you want so badly that you won’t even admit them to anyone for fear of diminishing that dream. You hold onto them tightly. And reality, it can often be what’s standing right in front of you, seemingly unavoidable obstacles that try and derail your hopes and dreams.

I heard a quote from a physicist working for many years on what has been and, for now, continues to be, an unsolvable riddle about the universe. He saidContinue reading