Summer Jobs at US National Parks / Working for Xanterra

Rocky Mountains

What are you doing this summer? While I’m busy trying to camp and hike in as much of the wilderness as possible on weekends, some people are getting paid to live in the most beautiful national parks around the US. Jonas decided to do just that – working at Rocky Mountain National Park for his university summer break. Rocky Mountain National Park signXanterra is the concessionaire for several of the most famous National Parks, offering both summer and year-round jobs at national and state parks. While they don’t have jobs in all of the US National Parks, they cover the biggies like Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Canyon and the like. While the pay might be low for summer service jobs, the experience is rich and the reward is the opportunity to have the time to thoroughly explore a season in paradise. They also offer a way for international applicants to apply as well, working with agencies that can help you obtain a J-1 visa (necessary for non US citizens). And don’t think you have to be a student for these national park jobs either – pretty much anyone over 18 can apply. Xanterra also happens to have jobs on a cruise line and as a tour leader (some are international). On my latest visit to Rocky Mountain National Park, which is practically located in my backyard, I asked Jonas, a cashier at the Park, some questions about his experience. Continue reading